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Beginning the week of October 12th, 2015 the vacuum truck will start its seven week cycle of leaf pick up. The leaves must be free of debris, no yard waste or walnuts in the leaf pile. Leaves may not be picked up if there are vehicles in front of your leaf piles, if the leaves are in bags, if leaves are in the street, if they are not close enough to the curb, under trees that may be too low for the truck to get close to the piles, or not out in time. They will work their way around town all week. Leaf fall may be heavy one week and light the next so a guarantee on  a consistent day each week for pick up is not possible. Please have your leaves by the curb each week by Monday morning for pick up. The last day to get your leaves by the curb for pick up is Monday morning November 23rd, 2015. 


Brush is collected the 4th Monday of the month March through November. Remaining dates for brush season will be October 26th and November 23rd, 2015. Please remember that leaves and yard waste are not included in the monthly brush pick up. If mixed together the brush cannot be picked up. 


2015 Street Reconstruction Project

5th Avenue NW from First Street West to 7th Street NW and 3rd Avenue NW from First Street West to 3rd Street NW will begin on August 28th, 2015. This project will affect access and water service to residents at some point during the construction process. The construction process will begin with pavement removal and existing pavement and replacement with a full depth Portland Cement Concrete pavement. The project will also involve water main construction and storm sewer construction at various locations. The contract completion date is November 24th, 2015. 

The City recognizes this road reconstruction project will be an inconvenience to the residents involved. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience while these street improvements in your neighborhood. We are aware issues could arise during the construction process, if you have any questions or concerns during construction please contact:

DAVE SCHECHINGER, P. E.  AT 319-466-1000 OR 319-430-2227  OR   DANIEL J BOGGS. P.E. AT 319-466-1000 OR 319-430-7580



Water Quality Report 2014



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