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We are currently adding to and making some changes to the City Website. Some functions will be on the site as we work incorporating and streamlining the site. We thank you for your patience.

7th Street Reconstruction Project 8th Avenue to Fifth Avenue 

Meeting Notes from 08/20/2014

1. Breeden Tree Service will begin removing trees Thursday 08/21/2014 weather permitting. Trees have been marked with a red X and homeowners have been notified. Most trees being removed have age related issues or are in poor condition. Trees and branches will be placed in a staging area and are available for wood collection to those interested but only for a 1 week time frame.

2. Alliant Energy will begin installing power poles and moving overhead power lines after tree removal. Estimated start time is 08/27/2014.

3. Rathje Construction will begin starting Monday August 25th, 2014. Storm sewer work along Fifth Avenue from Sixth Street to Seventh Street. 

4. During this time local access will be made to property owners, but will be closed to through traffic. Please drive slow and follow signs. Make adjustments to your time if necessary.

5. Water main work is scheduled to begin the week of 09/01/2014. Water main will be installed on the South side of 7th Street from 8th Avenue to 5th Avenue. Property owners who would like to reserve any plantings or landscape from these working areas should have them removed as of 09/01/2014. Fences on City Right of Way will be moved and placed on the adjoining property. Contractor will not re install any fencing or landscape materials.  

6. If you normally put your garbage out on the side where there is currently construction, or if your street is completely blocked off you will have to take your garbage to the nearest open corner so the Wapsi Waste Trucks can haul it away. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation while the street improvements are being made in your neighborhood.


Disaster Relief 

Click link to find help with costs of the recent storm damage and flooding. This information is for anyone who suffered damage from recent severe storms. 

Disaster Loan Outreach Center 


Heat Relief locations

If you are looking for some relief from the heat, please click the link below to give you an idea of where to go. Mount Vernon heat relief location is City Hall. If you need immediate assistance and City Hall is closed please call the Police Department non emergency number 319-895-8742. Stay cool! 

Heat Relief locations


Emerald Ash Borer- for more information go to the Public Notice Tab


Want to know about street projects scheduled for 2014? Click on the link below to view the City Engineer Report, and be in the know! 

2014 City Engineer Report 

Budget Pie Chart FY

The residents of Mt Vernon were sent a survey asking what they would like to see in a proposed Community Wellness Center- here are the results of the surveys that were turned back in. Here are also the comments that were compiled from residents on the surveys.

Community Wellness Center Survey 2013
Community Wellness Center Survey Comments

The City of Mount Vernon does not endorse any individual business or event. If you would like more information about businesses and events in the City of Mount Vernon, please contact the Visitor's Center at (319) 895-8214, or visit the web page of the Community Development Group at

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