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We are currently adding to and making some changes to the City Website. Some functions will be on the site as we work incorporating and streamlining the site. We thank you for your patience.

Please be aware that starting the week of September 22nd, 2014 First Street NE will have some construction traffic that will lead to the street to be closed for up to two days. During this time you will need to seek an alternative route. We will update you as more information comes. Homeowners will have access to their homes, We appreciate your patience as the First Street Gazebo park and walking trails are improved for future enjoyment.


7th Street Reconstruction Project 8th Avenue to Fifth Avenue

UPDATED 09/18/2014

Attention-- Starting Friday September 18th, 2014 there will be some hydrant flushing going on the NW side. This water is safe to use, but if you notice some rusty discoloration it is from the flushing process and let the water run until the rust is cleared. This is normal and will end after flushing is completed. 

Attention-- Starting the week of September 22nd, 2014 there will be some water shut offs through the week due to the construction work in your area. This is necessary to complete water main installation. You will not be under a boil order during this time, it is safe to use the water, service just may be interrupted. There will be door hangers placed on doors in advance, however; please be prepared for some inconvenience during this construction phase to update service to your neighborhood.

  1. Alliant Energy is in the process of moving the overhead power lines approximately 4 1/2 feet farther South. The purpose of this is for two reasons:-- To provide space for the installation of a new 8" water main and to provide clearance for the concrete paver. It is anticipated that this work will be completed Wednesday (9/10/14) or Thursday 9/11/14).
  2. Once the overhead power is moved, Rathje Construction will begin water main construction. This will involve open trench installation of water main pipe in the south right of way parking area. The work will begin on the West (8th Avenue) end of the project and progress East to the Fifth Avenue intersection. Connections will be made to longitudinal water mains under 7th Street, 6th Street and 5th Street to make sure that there will be new infrastructure beneath new pavement. New 1" copper water services will be installed to the water service box as part of this process.                                                      
  3. During this process water service shut downs can be expected. These will be scheduled and notification will be made by door hangers, and this website. We will try to provide at least 24 hour prior notifications prior to shut downs, and the shut downs will not occur until after 8:00 AM unless it is emergency situations. It is anticipated that this work will take approximately 2 1/2 weeks. 
  4. Storm sewer work along 5th Avenue from 6th Street to 7th Street has been completed. The stone surfacing is temporary and a more permanent surface will be installed at a later date.
  5. Property owners who would like to reserve any plantings or landscape from these working areas should have them removed as of 09/01/2014. Fences on City Right of Way will be moved and placed on the adjoining property. Contractor will not re install any fencing or landscape materials.
  6. To maintain local access as long as possible, pavement removal will not start until absolutely necessary. It is not anticipated that this work will begin until this week of September 22nd, 2014.
  7. During the grading and paving process, local access will be very difficult. Anticipate the need to park on the side streets or alleys until the pavement has gained enough strength for traffic loads. Please drive slow and follow signs. Make adjustments to your time if necessary. If there is a need for temporary rock surfacing on alleys, it will be provided as part of the contract.  
  8. If you normally put your garbage out on the side where there is currently construction, or if your street is completely blocked off you will have to take your garbage to the nearest open corner so the Wapsi Waste Trucks can haul it away. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation while the street improvements are being made in your neighborhood Wapsi can be very early trying to avoid construction traffic, please remember that garbage must be put out the night before in order to be picked up.


Emerald Ash Borer- for more information go to the Public Notice Tab


Want to know about street projects scheduled for 2014? Click on the link below to view the City Engineer Report, and be in the know!

Community Wellness Center Survey

The residents of Mt Vernon were sent a survey asking what they would like to see in a proposed Community Wellness Center- here are the results of the surveys that were turned back in. Here are also the comments that were compiled from residents on the surveys.


The City of Mount Vernon does not endorse any individual business or event. If you would like more information about businesses and events in the City of Mount Vernon, please contact the Visitor's Center at (319) 895-8214, or visit the web page of the Community Development Group at

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