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Come help clean up Mt Vernon and make it shine in nicer weather. April 26th, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. Bring your good spirits and have a fun morning with others. Everyone welcome. Lets polish the town together!  

The City of Mt Vernon is preparing a preventive treatment plan for the Ash trees in the City Right of Ways. If you would like to learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer, please go to our Public Notice Tab and you will find 3 helpful links.

Leaf pick up 

Leaf pick up begins April 14th, 2014,and will go through until May 4th, 2014. The vacuum truck will begin its three week cycle with your last chance to have your leaves by the curb on April 28th. 2014. Please have you leaves by the curb. The leaves must be free of debris, no yard waste or walnuts please. Leaves may not be picked up if there are vehicles parked in front of leaf piles, if leaves are in bags, if leaves are in the street, if are not close enough to the curb, under trees that may be too low for the trucks to get access, or simply not out in time. The leaf pick up may be heavy some weeks and some lighter, so to guarantee a consistent day each week is not possible. The vacuum truck has the full seven days to get around the entire town.

Cemetery Clean up

To facilitate Spring clean up at the Mount Vernon Cemetery please remove all arrangements and precious items you wish to save before April 29th, 2014. Arrangements include all artificial and fresh arrangements on any portion of the lot, slab, or monument. This includes flowers in vases attached to the monument and flowers on cradles atop monuments. New arrangements or items can be placed back on May 4th, 2014.

Want to know about street projects scheduled for 2014? Click on the link below to view the City Engineer Report, and be in the know!
2014 City Engineer Report

Budget Pie Chart FY

How Do I drive the Roundabouts? Click the link below to view a video explaining the Rules of the Road and how to navigate a Roundabout.

1.-SLOW DOWN when approaching the Roundabouts!
2.-ALWAYS YEILD BEFORE ENTERING the Roundabout- Cars and trucks within the Roundabout have the right of way and DO NOT stop for you to enter. When you have a clear opening you go forward and enter. There can be more than one vehicle within the Roundabout.
3.-ONCE YOU ARE IN THE ROUNDABOUT YOU SHOULD NOT STOP OR YIELD TO LET TRAFFIC IN- use your turn signals when you have reached your desired exit. If you miss your exit, it is fine to go around the Roundabout again.
4.-ROUNDABOUTS ALWAYS GO COUNTER CLOCKWISE!- In other words you are ALWAYS going to the right to get to your exit.

Have more questions about the Roundabouts? Please check out the website below for answers to your questions that may help.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Roundabout

The residents of Mt Vernon were sent a survey asking what they would like to see in a proposed Community Wellness Center- here are the results of the surveys that were turned back in. Here are also the comments that were compiled from residents on the surveys.

Community Wellness Center Survey 2013
Community Wellness Center Survey Comments

The City of Mount Vernon now has a drug drop box for all unwanted medications. Do you have expired or unwanted medications that you don't know how to dispose of? Just bring your medications to the drop box located at City Hall inside the West entry (old fire station side) and the Mt Vernon Police Department will make sure it gets disposed of properly. No liquids or inhalers please. 

  The City of Mount Vernon does not endorse any individual business or event. If you would like more information about businesses and events in the City of Mount Vernon, please contact the Visitor's Center at (319) 895-8214, or visit the web page of the Community Development Group at

If you find there is information missing from our site or if certain information is difficult to find, please contact the Site Administrator at  Your comments are important to the continued development of the City Web site.   


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